OLZ - smart invest. Long-term and risk-based asset management. Risk optimisation and sustainability in harmony. Asset management with a system.

Devising a sound and risk-based investment strategy requires knowledge, experience and precision. We at OLZ have dedicated ourselves to this craft. And we do this in a scientifically sound, sustainable and transparent manner for our clients at all times.


As an asset management company with highly specialized knowledge, we always seek appropriate solutions for the different needs of our professional and private clients, offering the greatest possible flexibility.

Because sustainable customer loyalty is worth more to us than short-term success.

Long-term added value with optimized portfolios is in line with OLZ's core values. We consistently focus on the needs of our customers and society. We are convinced that wealth management services of the future will require new solutions. These must be data-based, scientifically sound and sustainable. And that is precisely what sets us apart. Only those who understand their industry, love the associated craft and see it as their vocation will also be successful in the long term.

The systematics of long-term and risk-based asset management. Think Smart.

risk-optimised equity, bond and mixed funds can increase your return potential
institutional and private customers place their trust in us
locations we may call our home
percent CO2 emissions we save at least with our diversified equity funds

Different is normal for us.

In our dealings with each other, we rely on openness, honesty and transparency. We are not afraid of unconventional ideas and encourage a change of perspective. As with our investment concepts, we also focus on sustainability in our corporate culture.

We are convinced that we are doing the right thing. With us, having your own opinion counts. We trust each other.

We always felt like a challenger in boxing. One must not be merely equally good, but always a little better.


Pius Zgraggen – Partner and CEO

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