About us Science in asset management as a vocation

We are a long-term and risk-based asset manager and free of conflicts of interest. We are guided by scientific findings and attach great importance to quality. We are not driven by quick returns, but by robust results. In this way, we create sustainable added value for our clients.

OLZ has enormous professionalism and is absolutely neutral in its advice.

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The systematic approach to long-term and risk-based asset management

This is what sets us apart from the standard in the financial industry. We offer long-term, risk-based and scientifically sound investment concepts. In doing so, we rely on facts, verified data and the latest technologies. We offer our clients long-term added value, free of conflicts of interest and fully cost-transparent.

Because sustainable customer loyalty is worth more to us than short-term success. Think Smart.

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institutional and private customers place their trust in us
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With 12
universities and universities of applied sciences, we conduct joint research on projects

We are changing the market with our work.

We stand for the financial services of the future. Returns must not be generated at high and ethically questionable risks. We consistently focus on the needs of our clients and society. As a financial boutique with highly specialized knowledge, we serve our clients at the highest level and with our own solutions.

We set benchmarks with our knowledge and many years of experience. Act Smart.

Shared success is important to us

We are convinced that we are doing the right thing and believe that modern wealth management outside traditional banks works successfully. We want our clients to understand what is happening with their invested assets. In our dealings with each other, we build on openness, honesty and transparency.

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A lasting relationship with our customers is worth more to us than mere success. Get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you. Or contact us directly: