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OLZ Equity USA Optimized ESG (CHF hedged)

ISIN: CH0336063729
Valor: 33606372
Bloomberg: OLUEOPH SW
Class: PH
Currency: CHF
Date: 21.10.2021

Net Asset Value (Index)


Year-to-Date (Return so far this year)

9.52 %

Investment concept

The fund invests in US equities with a particular focus on diversification and liquidity. The investments follow a disciplined and structured process. OLZ predicts the risk properties (volatilities, correlations) for each individual equity of the MSCI USA index, and based on a proprietary optimisation model, derives an optimally diversified portfolio. The target portfolio is the minimum variance portfolio, which aims to improve the risk-return ratio compared to the capitalisation weighted index (MSCI USA Index) over a medium to long-term time horizon. The reference currency is CHF, at a maximum foreign exchange risk of 10% (target exposure 5%).

Fund information

  • Fund type: Institutional fund
  • Domicil: Switzerland
  • Licence: Switzerland
  • Trade: daily
  • Cut-off Time: 14:00 (with fund administration)
  • Distribution type: reinvestment
  • Currency hedging: -
  • Compensation for fund manager: 0.60% p.a.
  • Total Expense Ratio: 0.82% p.a
  • Buy/sell tax in favor of funds: 0.10%
  • Issue/redemption compensation: -
  • Benchmark: MSCI USA Index (95% CHF hedged)


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