OLZ Smart Invest Dynamic ESG

Factsheet (PDF)

Letzte Aktualisierung: 21.03.2023


-0.96 %

Net Asset Value (Index)


Currency CHF
ISIN CH0420179803
Valor 42017980
Bloomberg OLSIDIR SW
Class IR

Investment concept

OLZ Smart Invest Dynamic ESG is a multi asset class fund that invests in money markets, prime bonds and equities worldwide. The portfolio allocation is dynamically adapted to the risk condition prevailing into the financial market. The fund can be invested between 0% and 100% in equities and similar securities. Equity, credit, foreign currency, and interest rate risk are optimally reduced. This result in an investment strategy that is expected to generate higher returns over the medium to long term for the risk assumed. Focus is on liquidity, sustainability respectively ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, and Governance) as well as optimal diversification. Investors have a high risk capability respectively risk tolerance and are able to accept large swings in the value of the investment.

Fund information

  • Fund type: Retail fund
  • Domicil: Switzerland
  • Licence: Switzerland
  • Trade: daily
  • Cut-off Time: 11:00 (with fund administration)
  • Distribution type: reinvestment
  • Currency hedging: partly CHF hedged
  • Compensation for fund manager: 1%
  • Total Expense Ratio: 1.32%
  • Buy/sell tax in favor of funds: 0.20%
  • Issue/redemption compensation: -
  • Benchmark: User-defined benchmark (60% stocks)


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