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WF - OLZ Equity World Optimized ESG

ISIN: LU2014379973
Valor: 48477524
Bloomberg: WFEWIEE LX
Class: IE
Currency: EUR
Date: 19.10.2020

Net Asset Value (Index)


Year-to-Date (Return so far this year)

-13.23 %

Investment concept

The fund invests globally in equities from developed equity markets with a focus on liquidity, sustainability, and ESG criteria (environmental, social, governance), as well as having an optimal diversification. The goal is to improve the risk-return profile in comparison to the cap-weighted index over the medium to long term. Investments follow a systematic, risk-based investment process. OLZ forecasts the risk characteristics (volatilities, correlations) for all equities in the MSCI World Index and derives an optimally diversified portfolio based on OLZ minimum variance optimisation. There is no leverage, no short selling and no securities lending transactions.

Fund information

  • Fund type: Retail fund
  • Domicil: Luxembourg
  • Licence: CH, Lux
  • Trade: daily
  • Cut-off Time: 15:00 (with fund administration)
  • Distribution type: reinvestment
  • Currency hedging: -
  • Compensation for fund manager: 0.45% p.a.
  • Total Expense Ratio: 0.63% p.a.
  • Buy/sell tax in favor of funds: 0.15%
  • Issue/redemption compensation: -
  • Benchmark: MSCI World Index

Documents (PDF)

Key Investor Information Document (KIID) EN
Fund agreeement DE EN
Annual report EN
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