Pension Provision
24. October 2023
2 minutes

Coop Finance+ Pension - The flexible online solution with OLZ participation

The Finance+ app from Coop was launched on 24.10.2023. It not only makes it easy to pay for purchases, settle bills or manage the household budget, but also to optimize private pension provision in the blink of an eye. This means that you not only save for retirement, but also benefit from tax savings today.

Coop Finance+ suggests suitable 3a investment solutions tailored to your income and life situation. You can choose an innovative dynamic investment strategy that gradually reduces the risk of an investment as you approach retirement age. This is because at the beginning of your working life, with an investment horizon until retirement of more than 40 years, a higher equity ratio is recommended than shortly before retirement, when sharp fluctuations in value should rather be avoided. In addition, the traditional static investment strategy can also be selected. The pension solutions are also available at a fair and favorable price compared with competitors.

However, Coop Finance+ offers choices not only in terms of investment risks, but also in the composition of the portfolio components. Starting from a globally diversified portfolio, it is also possible to focus on the Swiss home market. For this purpose, Coop Finance+ uses the OLZ Equity Switzerland Small & Mid Cap Optimized ESG fund. If you choose the "Focus Switzerland", you invest a portion of the shares in attractive small and medium-sized Swiss companies. In the long term, you benefit not only from a higher expected return, but also from lower fluctuations in value thanks to OLZ risk optimization. In addition, the fund also has a better sustainability profile and a lower carbon footprint compared to the overall market.

We are very much looking forward to working with Coop Finance+ and are convinced that our small and mid cap fund will make a valuable contribution to your private pension provision. Download the app today from the App Store or Google Play and see for yourself the benefits of the modern online pension solution.

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