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Risk-conscious - not only for investments

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The world is going through difficult times. At the moment, there is probably hardly anyone who is not affected by the current situation and the restrictions that come with it - whether it be private, business or even health.

OLZ too has had to adapt to the new circumstances. In order to provide our employees and customers with the best possible protection, we have reduced our offices to minimum operation and have basically switched to "home office".

Thanks to our continuous investment in process automation, increased data security and geographically independent communication, our business activities are hardly restricted at all despite physical distance.

Should delays nevertheless occur, we ask for your indulgence. We would also ask you to understand that we are currently no longer communicating with you by post, but by e-mail and phone.

You can rest assured that we are consistently pursuing our risk-based investment concept even in this turbulent market phase. The strict implementation of our diversification principles has so far proven its worth even in the current crisis and has cushioned the decline in value to some extent.

If you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to assist you.

Stay healthy!

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