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Friends for Life

An interview on the occasion of Beat Fenner's 77th birthday

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We are very pleased to congratulate our Beat Fenner warmly on his 77th birthday. Beat has been with OLZ for a long time. After his time on the Board of Directors, he was appointed OLZ's first Friend. 

In honour of our first friend and his snap number 77, we interviewed him: 

Dear Beat, you are celebrating your 77th birthday today. Do you have any special plans for today?

Of course I do. At my age you always have to look at your agenda first, but today I'm going to keep the rest of the morning and maybe a little bit of the afternoon free to take the many calls and congratulations. I will then spend the evening comfortably with my family over a delicious dinner. 

How long have you been associated with OLZ? 

Phew, then I almost can't remember. In any case, I was on the Board of Directors for many years and should actually have retired from the Board at 70. But I was allowed to stay on for another five years, which of course honoured me very much. To this day, I have friendly ties with OLZ and was even given the title "1st OLZ Friend". This is also written on my business card, which fills me with pride. 

When you think about your years at OLZ, would you work for OLZ again? 

Immediately. And without thinking twice. For me, the time at OLZ and especially with the OLZ crew was and is an enrichment. It was always a pleasure for me to work with young people, and at OLZ almost all of them are younger than me (laughs). And of course I was happy to contribute a little of my experience. 

And finally: What experience with the OLZ do you remember most? 

Spontaneously, one experiences come to mind. When I locked myself in my car after an OLZ golf tournament. The unfortunate thing was that I was actually supposed to drive to Murten. In the end, I was freed by the OLZ crew. I still have to laugh about that today. 

Interview on 3 June 2021,
conducted and written by Sandrine Rickli

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