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Why Chinese shares belong in a portfolio

An OLZ publication in cooperation with WPuls AG

Chinese Shares - A Must in the Portfolio? 

Western companies have made a lot of money in China in recent years. However, it is already mainly Chinese companies that are dividing up the world's largest domestic market among themselves. This trend is likely to intensify in the coming years. Investors who want to profit from the investment opportunities and diversification possibilities of Chinese equities will increasingly have to invest directly in Chinese equities. 

In cooperation with Christa Janjic-Marti, Partner WPuls AG, the publication «Why Chinese stocks belong in a portfolio» was created for the launch of our China equities fund. Find out why the risk for international companies to lose lucrative market shares is increasing and how the flexibility to exclude individual companies or even entire sectors can reduce risks, especially in a rapidly changing environment.

The publication is currently only available in German.  

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Christa Janjic-Marti

Christa Janjic-Marti

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