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Pension Provision

Examine your options for improving your pension provision.

Successful pensions

You can influence the long-term value of your pension capital yourself by intelligently structuring your pension funds. Securities solutions with a high equity component provide a positive expected return and long-term added value compared to savings account solutions, even in a low interest rate environment.

The higher return potential of equities and the long-term investment horizon of retirement pensions predestine a securities-based investment solution.

Why securities in the third pillar?

In the long term, securities solutions with a higher equity quota will provide significant added value compared to traditional account solutions.

Added value of securities investments compared to the savings account solution

OLZ pension solutions are available from selected banks and pension foundations. We would be happy to discuss the optimal solution with you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Third pillar and vested benefits solution: OLZ Smart Invest 65 ESG

OLZ Smart Invest 65 ESG is a pension fund for vested benefits funds and third pillar retirement savings. The comparatively high equity component of 65% reflects the typically long-term investment horizon of pension capital and significantly increases return potential compared to traditional pension solutions. Despite the equity allocation of 65%, thanks to risk-optimised implementation the fund is considered to be a balanced strategy with a risk profile in accordance with the Pictet BVG 40 Index .

OLZ Equity World Optimized ESG is a pure equity fund which is managed according to the OLZ Minimum Risk Concept. Foreign currency risks are also hedged against Swiss francs. This fund is also available within the framework of Pillar 3a and for vested benefits at the attractive (institutional) fees at numerous regional banks.

How can I implement OLZ Smart Invest 65 ESG or OLZ Equity World Optimized ESG?

Get in touch with us. We are happy to put you in touch with one of our numerous partner banks in your region.

Third pillar and vested benefits solutions up to 100% equities

The digital asset manager Descartes offers an attractive 3a solution for private clients via the online platform Descartes Vorsorge. It could hardly be simpler or cheaper to make private provision for retirement, save taxes and achieve good investment performance. With the online risk profile you can find the right investment strategy, which is implemented with OLZ "Smart Invest" investment solutions. Lienhardt & Partner Privatbank Zürich is your custodian bank.

1e plan – a solution for management employees and the self-employed

Insured persons with a salary of more than CHF 129'060 and up to CHF 860'400. In particular senior management and executive employees, but also self-employed professionals such as lawyers, doctors, management consultants or trustees - can benefit from the 1e pension plan. This individual, supplementary pension solution makes it possible to invest pension capital in accordance with the individual risk profile and to benefit from tax savings. We offer different investment strategies depending on the risk profile. We would be happy to discuss your options during a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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