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With our pension solutions, you minimize your risks and increase your return potential at the same time. They are risk-optimized and sustainable and based on our scientific investment concept.

Successful pensions

Third pillar is an essential part of individual pension planning. Private pensions can not only improve your future pension, but also offers other attractive advantages. The annual payments can be deducted from taxable income or the amount saved can be used (in part or in full) to finance your own home. Reason enough, to plan regular payments into the third pillar private pension solution. But what options do we offer you?

Private Pensions with a System

The most common option is a classic retirement savings account, which usually offers a marginally higher interest rate than a normal savings account. However, the second option for saving for retirement is becoming increasingly popular: a securities solution. Especially in the current low-interest environment, securities offer a significantly higher long-term return potential than a retirement savings account. The higher the proportion of equities, the higher the expected long-term return.

However, this not only increases the expected returns, but also the investment risks - in other words, your pension capital may be subject to short-term fluctuations. These fluctuations should not prevent you from choosing a securities solution. On the one hand, they can be smoothed out thanks to the long investment horizon until retirement and regular payments. On the other hand, investment risks can be significantly reduced with a risk-optimized and sustainable approach.

The OLZ Minimum Risk Portfolio allows you not only to minimize risks, but also to hold a higher share of equities for a given risk profile and thus to benefit from the long-term excess return of equities over bonds. A mandate with the chosen options and an annual deposit of #{annualDeposit} will achieve an expected asset value of #{olzExpectedAssets} by the time of retirement. With a normal savings account, we can expect an asset value of #{accountAssets}. 

High or low deposits, long or short investment horizon, securities or an account, more or fewer equities? You can now simulate the effects of these decisions on your individual retirement capital conveniently with our retirement calculator

Were we already able to convince you and would you like an independent advice? Choose OLZ for your private retirement plan.

And after retirement?

Until now, we've been talking about retirement in the distant future. But perhaps this point in time is not all that far away for you? In this case, you should answer two important questions regarding your retirement capital. First, "when" and second, "how" you want to withdraw your third pillar. The "when" is best answered with "not all at once". For tax reasons, it makes sense to have different securities accounts so that you can withdraw them in stages around retirement within the permitted time window.

There are several options for the "how". Starting with a securities solution, it can either be liquidated or continued as an investment outside the third pillar system. What is the point? Even after retirement, you can benefit from the higher return potential of equities. However, it is essential to take into account the individual risk profile and the desired drawdown plan (pension per year) when choosing the level of equity. The chosen risk profile, together with the expected assets of #{olzExpectedAssets}, allows the desired pension to be withdrawn for #{OLZcapitalConsumptionYears} years.

Simulate the continued assets from your third pillar capital after retirement.

Third pillar and vested benefits solution: OLZ Smart Invest 65 ESG

OLZ Smart Invest 65 ESG is a pension fund for vested benefits funds and third pillar retirement savings. The comparatively high equity component of 65% reflects the typically long-term investment horizon of pension capital and significantly increases return potential compared to traditional pension solutions. Despite the equity allocation of 65%, thanks to risk-optimised implementation the fund is considered to be a balanced strategy with a risk profile in accordance with the Pictet BVG 40 Index .

OLZ Equity World Optimized ESG is a pure equity fund which is managed according to the OLZ Minimum Risk Concept. Foreign currency risks are also hedged against Swiss francs. This fund is also available within the framework of Pillar 3a and for vested benefits at the attractive (institutional) fees at numerous regional banks.

How can I implement OLZ Smart Invest 65 ESG or OLZ Equity World Optimized ESG?

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Third pillar and vested benefits solutions up to 100% equities

The digital asset manager Descartes offers an attractive 3a solution for private clients via the online platform Descartes Vorsorge. It could hardly be simpler or cheaper to make private provision for retirement, save taxes and achieve good investment performance. With the online risk profile you can find the right investment strategy, which is implemented with OLZ "Smart Invest" investment solutions. Lienhardt & Partner Privatbank Zürich is your custodian bank.

1e plan – a solution for management employees and the self-employed

Insured persons with a salary of more than CHF 129'060 and up to CHF 860'400. In particular senior management and executive employees, but also self-employed professionals such as lawyers, doctors, management consultants or trustees - can benefit from the 1e pension plan. This individual, supplementary pension solution makes it possible to invest pension capital in accordance with the individual risk profile and to benefit from tax savings. We offer different investment strategies depending on the risk profile. We would be happy to discuss your options during a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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