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Personal Wealth Management

Your personal investment goal is central to us

  • Are you searching for the highest possible long-term asset growth so that you can enjoy retirement free of financial worries?
  • Should assets grow by at least the inflation rate with as little risk as possible so that you can pass them on to your heirs?
  • Should investment income finance part of your living costs today, with as few fluctuations in value as possible?

Our task is to reach your personal investment goal with your risk budget efficiently and with the greatest possible likelihood.

Individual consulting free of conflicts of interest

We advise you free of conflicts of interest. We are paid solely by you and regardless of the chosen investment strategy. These are foundations for neutral advice and asset management without false incentives.

We work out your investment objective together, taking into account your starting position. Based on a comprehensive risk profile analysis, we create your personal investment proposal.

Scientifically sound investment concept

The combination of substantiated knowledge, comprehensive availability of data regarding the global financial markets and high computational power allows us to systematically put the findings of financial market research into practice.

With us, you invest like the professionals. Our investment solutions for private clients are identical to those for institutional investors (pension funds, insurance companies, banks, etc.). Implementation is via OLZ funds, which are realised with the systematic investment concept - OLZ Minimum Risk.

More equities at the same risk = higher return

In the long term, equities offer significantly better returns than bonds, but they are also much riskier in comparison. For example, with intelligent portfolio composition, rather than having a 40% equity quota, you can hold a higher equity component of up to 60% with OLZ without increasing the risks. You increase your long-term return significantly - by optimally exploiting your risk budget.

What could your OLZ portfolio look like?

Systematic OLZ portfolio optimisation

We avoid unnecessary and uncompensated risks and reduce portfolio risk through systematic risk management at two levels:

  • Effective diversification of the overall portfolio: The only asset classes used are those which tend to be independent of each other and which reduce the overall risk. We use equities and first-class bonds for this purpose. Foreign currency risks are mostly hedged.
  • Optimised equities and bonds: equities and bonds are managed using our scientifically sound investment concept - OLZ Minimum Risk. Intelligent and risk-based selection and weighting of securities reduces the risk by around 15%-30% compared to traditional investment solutions. Another benefit for our  equity funds is excess return from low volatility equities. In the long term, the result is excess return combined with lower risk.

OLZ portfolio optimisation allows a higher equity quota and thereby an increase in long-term returns without incurring higher risks.

Long-term added value compared to market average

Reasons for better returns from OLZ as against market average:

  • Higher equity quota with the same risk
  • Excess returns from low volatility equities
  • Lower costs

Low and completely transparent costs

Our clients benefit from low and fully transparent asset management fees. The contractually agreed asset management fee also includes the management fees in the funds, so that there is no multiple allocation. According to an independent cost study by ZWEI Wealth Experts, the average total cost (management fee, product costs, custody fee, etc.) for a mandate of CHF 1'000'000 in Switzerland is around 2.6%. Compared to our competitors, our overall costs are around 50% lower at 1.2%.

Sustainable investment

Sustainability criteria can be integrated into our investment process without loss of return or higher risks. That is why we manage all client funds in accordance with ecological, social and ethical criteria (ESG for Environment, Social, Governance). We do not invest in companies which breach key ESG criteria. Furthermore, our portfolios have above-average sustainability rating. We use sustainability ratings from MSCI, a global leading data provider in sustainability.

How can I become an OLZ client?

You contact us and we schedule a first non-binding meeting in which you learn more about OLZ. If you wish to proceed, we collect the necessary information and develop a proposal for investment with a completely transparent cost overview, all free of charge. You decide whether you would like to manage your assets according to the OLZ investment concept and wish to give us an asset management mandate.

You choose the custodian bank. We draw up the mandate agreement between you and OLZ and complete the formalities with the selected custodian bank.

We are at your disposal to discuss the optimal solution. We look forward to hearing from you.

Descartes Finance - Online investment solution for assets under 500,000

OLZ works with Descartes Finance, an established Swiss online asset manager. You receive OLZ portfolio optimisation and implementation with efficient OLZ funds at extremely attractive overall costs.

Check the online investment solution. We can recommend it to you.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Where is my money located and in whose name?

Your assets are located at the custodian bank of your choice and in your name. OLZ only collaborates with renowned custodian banks. You give OLZ limited authorisation to manage the assets according to the mandate contract. Within the bounds of its limited authorisation, OLZ cannot make deposits or withdrawals outside the account/custodian relationship.

How safe is OLZ as an asset manager?

OLZ has been supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA and audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers AG since 2007. We manage your assets on your behalf, but in your name, with the custodian bank of your choice. In this way, there is no counterparty risk to OLZ. OLZ belongs to the partners, employees and board members, ensuring stability and continuity. We also attach great importance to ensuring that you receive and understand the relevant information in a transparent and comprehensive manner. In regular review talks, we discuss the portfolio with you personally and explain what we do and why we do it.

How are retrocession fees dealt with?

Since our foundation in 2001, all retrocession fees have been transparently reported to clients and fully credited. Nowadays, we have negotiated competitive net terms with all custodian banks so that retrocession fees are no longer paid.

Why does OLZ not have performance fees?

Performance fees are always one-sided and can lead to conflicts of interest: speculating with your money and incurring undue risk gives an asset manager the opportunity to make more money. If it goes well, you pay higher fees; if it goes badly, the asset manager pays you nothing. Client and asset manager interests are therefore not the same, even thouth this is often suggested.

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