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As an asset management company, we always seek appropriate solutions for the different needs of our private clients, offering the greatest possible flexibility. Your personal wealth goal is at the center of everything we do. Because long-term added value with optimized portfolios corresponds to our core values.

Your personal OLZ portfolio could look like this

As an asset manager, it is our job to put together a portfolio that is tailored to you so that you can achieve your goals in the long term. With our OLZ investment calculator, you can try out for yourself what this portfolio could look like. This way, you can see at a glance what we also see and test how the share of stocks relates to your chosen risk tolerance in the portfolio

What this means for you is that, given your chosen risk tolerance, you have more equity exposure in OLZ portfolios than in conventional portfolios.

More shares with the same risk = higher return

But why is the proportion of equities in your portfolio important?

In the long term, equities generate a significantly better return than bonds, but they are also much riskier by comparison.

We counteract this problem. The OLZ portfolio offers you a higher equity quota with the same risk.

Thanks to a risk-optimized composition of the portfolio, you can hold up to #{riskTolerance} equities with OLZ as an asset manager with a balanced risk profile, while a conventional portfolio offers only  #{riskToleranceOther} equities. And this without increasing the risk.

You thus improve your long-term return - by optimally utilizing your risk budget.

Were we already able to convince you and would you like an independent advice? Choose OLZ as your asset management company.

Scientifically sound investment concept

How can OLZ offer a higher proportion of equities at the same level of risk?

We optimize the composition of equities on the basis of risk characteristics and, in the case of bonds, focus on first-class debtors for optimal diversification. To do this, we analyze comprehensive data based on our scientifically founded investment concept. This systematic approach and its strict implementation lead to a more stable performance.

This is how your OLZ portfolio would have behaved in recent years:

You see: The specific OLZ portfolio optimization allows a higher equity quota and thus achieves a higher long-term return potential compared to the market average without taking higher risks. But even if you do not increase the equity quota, they achieve a higher long-term return than the market average - simply with a lower risk than usual.  

Why OLZ is the asset management company that suits you best

With us, you invest like professional investors.

We offer you:

1. Investment advice without conflicts of interest.

We are paid exclusively by you and independently of the chosen investment strategy. These are important prerequisites for neutral investment advice and asset management without false incentives.

2. Systematic and scientifically based investment concept "OLZ Minimum Risk

Together we work out your investment goals. Based on a comprehensive risk profile analysis, we create your personal investment strategy. Our systematic risk optimization of the portfolio is based on clear and understandable basic principles and is the same for private clients as for institutional investors.

3. Sustainability

Sustainability criteria can be integrated into our investment process without sacrificing returns or incurring higher risks. That's why we manage all client assets with ethical, environmental and social criteria in mind. You can find out more about this here.

4. Trust and comprehensibility

It is important to us that you understand what is happening to your assets and why your returns have improved or deteriorated. That's why we manage your assets in a way that is understandable and transparent for you. OLZ is your asset management with sense and pleasure.

5. Low and fully transparent costs

With us, you benefit from low and fully transparent asset management fees. The contractually agreed asset management fee also includes the management fees in the funds, so there is no multiple charging. 

Lower costs with OLZ as asset manager compared to the average

According to an independent cost study by ZWEI Wealth Experts, the average total costs (management fee, product costs, custody fee, etc.) for a mandate with your chosen investment of #{amountOfInvestment} and your chosen equity ratio of #{riskTolerance} in Switzerland are around #{totalCostsMarket} in private banking.

Our total costs of #{totalCostsOlz} are around #{totalCostsDifference} lower than those of our competitors. With us, you save #{savingAmountChf} per year compared to Private Banking.

Convinced? Become an OLZ customer now!

For private clients with assets of over CHF 500,000.

  • Arrange a meeting
  • Develop an investment proposal
  • Select custodian bank
  • Sign contract
  • Implementation / make investments

Descartes Finance - Online investment solution for assets under CHF 500'000

OLZ works together with Descartes Finance, an established Swiss online asset manager. You receive OLZ portfolio optimization and implementation with the efficient OLZ funds at no additional cost starting at CHF 25'000. Check out the online investment solution and the competitive conditions. We can recommend it to you.


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